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Jean-Michel LENOIR
Auteur photographe – Paris

SIRET : 751 536 129 00016
TVA : FR 54 751 536 129
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Mob: +33 (0)6 12 33 54 07


“To ensure that Nature remains a source of wonder for a long time.”



A poetic world ; like a testimony of wild beauties offered by a fragile nature.

Earth of salt

When nature enjoys to play with geometry, the sky discusses with the complexity of earth.


Sinuous landscapes surrounded by bright colors.

Light over the fjords

When sea and mountain meet, the elements live at the same rhythm than the changing lights.

The sylvan souls

An encounter between the reality and the world of imaginary. A manifestation of the souls of the forest.

Outer Hebrides

Water, sand, granite, wind and light, offer a never ending spectacle.

These portfolios reflect my highly personal work.
Strong atmospheres, where the light and the quest of beauty are key references, my aesthetic landmark

My photographic intention relies on my magnetic attraction for wide spaces, from my doorstep to the Atacama passing through the Scottish glens and the Norwegian fjords

A way that inspires me and my instinct of freedom.

All of these pictures are available in Fine Art prints.

A great opportunity to purchase a unique artwork.


« S’offrir un tirage d’Art, c’est s’offrir une fenêtre ouverte sur le monde »

Des images inspirées, graphiques et minimalistes.
Une bulle poétique ; comme un témoignage des beautés sauvages que nous offre la nature dans ce qu’elle a de plus fragile et de plus éphémère.